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Mon, 10/08/2012 - 12:36 -- Miguel Rodríguez
Hello everybody!, welcome to my website, this is a brief explanation about the blog of this website and what you will find in it, this is a blog of web technologies dedicated for developers, therefore I will suppose that you already know some basics about programming and software development, the kind of topics I would cover would be any topic that is related with web technologies such as; drupal, jquery, PHP, HTML5, and so on. The next year I will try to be focused on these four technologies mentioned before (drupal, jquery, PHP, HTML5), there will be no preference about server-side or client-side.
Although a topic must be related with web technologies in order to be posted, there will be some other articles I would like to cover that are related to productivity, this is somewhat out of topic, but it is something I would like to do, besides, those articles will be posted seldom compared to the other articles, there are several types of articles I am going to post in the blog grouped in three categories; discussions, tutorials, productivity;
Discussions: these kind of articles are focused on the "what" & "why" of a topic, you might find theorical discussions about tools, technologies, activities or methodologies, these articles lack of technical guide and step2step solutions, I will try to post at least 1 of these articles monthly.
  • reviews; discussions about a specific product or service, defining it, explaining its features and pros & cons, and evaluating it based on a personal previous experience. 
  • list based article: explanation of a list of reasons or facts with a specific topic, the list would be numbered or not.
  • comparisons; this article is self explanatory, a comparison between products or services, explaning the features and pros & cons of each one.
  • informative; it is pretty similar to a how-to article but theorical, it is an explanation a specific fact, describing why something is (or is not) happening and how to solve it.
  • opinion; self explanatory, a thorough description of a personal opinion about something.
Tutorials: these kind of articles are focused on the "how" of a topic, these articles will explain, detail or guide how to make/solve something with technical guides or step2step solutions, these articles lack of theorical information, every article will make a brief description about the skills, kownledge and tools needed to understand the article properly, I will try to post at least 1 of these articles monthly.
  • how to; this is so self explanatory that I do not even have to mention it, it is a thorough step2step description to make/solve something.
Productivity; these article will try to explain some productivity issues that are holding you to get better results and how can you get rid of those issues, I will try to post at least 1 of these articles each three months.
  • inspirational; this type of article will encourage you to take decition that should took a long time ago.
  • informative.
  • opinion.
  • list based article.
Additionally, there are news in the blog, but referring exclusively to news of this website.