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Programming is not a superpower

Coding is not a superpower, delivering ideas is

Is it true that programming is a superpower?. in this article we're going to discuss the reasons why I totally disagree with this.

Search Engines

Solutions to implement Microdata + Schema.org in Drupal

If Google, Yahoo & Bing are promoting Microdata/Schema.org why aren't you using it yet? we'll see how to use it in Drupal.


How to generate the XML Sitemap automatically on Drupal

Drupal is a great CMS, however, it doesn't generate XML Sitemaps by itself, we'll see how to use the 'XML Sitemap' module.

CSS Carved pumpkin

Using CSS classes to theme/customize Drupal without coding

Have I told you there are some Drupal modules which can change styles visually through CSS this without coding?

Omega 3 (HTML5) - Drupal

How to theme Drupal 7 with Omega 3

Omega is the best when it comes to Drupal theming, that’s why we're going to discuss how to theme with it.